Vidmate App Download Install New Version 2021 | Instructions to Download and Install Apk


Vidmate App Download Install New Version 2021 its a simple yet very useful app. Vidmate is a versatile app. It provides a number of tools to use. It supports over 200 websites where you can download HD videos, photos, music, and apps for free.  It includes websites  Facebook,  9apps,  Tik Tok, and many.

How  to install Vidmate Apk

Below are the steps that include easy and convenient information about how to download and install Vidmate Apk.  Follow every step to install the .apk successfully.

Step 1:


Download the VidMate .apk from the given links for free.

Step 2:

After free download click the .apk parsec of Vidmate download to proceed. Beware of security checks from your android. You need to set your device first to successfully install the VidMate app.

Tap on it to Install

Step 3:

Since the downloaded .apk is not available on the play store, the system will warn you on installing VidMate. A security pop-up will appear like this, showing that the installation from unknown sources is blocked. You go to settings and check security options and allow installation from unknown sources. You can allow it for this app only or for all other sources next time.

Installation Settings

unknown Source installation

Step 4:                      

Check all security options. After setting the security checks go the installation screen and click the install button to proceed.

Install Vidmate App apk

Step 5:

Go to the installed apps and find Vidmate. Click the app to open. Enjoy all your favorite there.

Vidmate and Its development

Vidmate is an amazing app.  It is available for android and windows.  It is a very good alternative to Google Play Store, where you can download tons of games for free. Unfortunately, it is not available on Google Store due to some reasons but luckily you can have free download Vidmate Apk.

The development of Vidmate Apk for android was initiated by UCweb, a partner of Ali Baba Group, a Chinese company built by Jack Ma.   600+ million users from 100 plus countries use the Vidmate app.


1. High Download Speed

If you have a slow internet connection. You need not worry, Vidmate supports all kinds of networks. It works over 2G, 3G, and 4G all the network speeds. So you can download any game, video, music, and songs for free at maximum speed. This app boosts your download speed by up to 200%. This prevents you from wasting your time.

2. Multiple Media Sites

Vidmate got it all for you in one place! It includes over 200 free websites for you just one click away. You don’t need to search for them out. It gives access to social media and other media sites all in one place. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for social media. It gives you 9apps to download free games. Download songs and music from YouTube, Dailymotion and TikTok, and more. All in one place.

3. Video Quality

The app provides all different quality video. Users can find every quality of the chosen video from high resolution to low-resolution video.  Vidmate`s best features offer you high resolution. We all have smartphones with HD screens.  As per demand most of us want to watch videos of high quality. We always want the best quality of videos. Vidmate is here to help us out. It provides qualities from  1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P.  Vidmate is currently the best free video downloader app among all apps.

This feature makes the app more fantastic and the Vidmate app is sometimes referred to as Vidmate video downloader.

So, you are the customer, you shop the store.

4. Watch Live TV

What does the Vidmate app not offer? Everything. Live Television is another wonderful feature of the VidMate. It offers over 200 free channels for free. It gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows in HD quality for free.  It gives a range of content. Music, TV shows, News, Sports, and Movies are with you where ever you go.

App download

Sometimes you can not find apps and games on Google Play Store there is no other better platform to look for.  There is no better alternative to Google Play Store than Vidmate.  Come and gather it all. Users can download free apps, download free Apks for android and IOS.

1. Music Downloads

This amazing feature is especially for music lovers. It is very difficult to download music from the internet for free. You need to pay to music sites to download your favorite music. Vidmate provides this feature for free too. The app gives you access to national music as well as international music for free. You can collect all favorite playlists here. It also allows you to download music from YouTube for free, you just have to put music video URL.  Here you get access to millions of famous songs. Listen and Sing at the same time.

2. User Interface

It provides an amazing user interface experience. You do not have to go anywhere, you can find everything on the home page. Even if you are a noob you will not get confused. Vidmate has got you all covered.

3. Device Safety

Vidmate provides you virus and malware. It protects your device from your harmful media and connections.

4. All for FREE!

Come and gather. Want to download games, mp3 music, video songs, movies? What is the price for all this? It is nothing! Yeah, it all free.  Come get all for free!

Extra perks by Vidmate app

1. Video Trend

Vidmate app video collection is just too vast and large. It brings playlists from YouTube, Dailymotion, TikTok, and lots of other famous platforms. You can find all the trending videos from famous webs in one place, here on the Vidmate app.

2. Resume Downloads

The app provides one of its most useful resume downloads features. Whenever you are out of the internet or it is slowed down or it fails to download, you can pause the current downloads.  You can always resume the previous downloads when you are back online.  This feature saves your data and time.

3. Easy To use

The Vidmate is extremely is easy to use. You do not have to understand anything for you do not get lost when using it. It also does not crash which makes it compatible with most of the android system-based smartphones. You do not have to worry about anything, the app is very easy to use.

4. New App Updates

Unlike other apps, the Vidmate app always gets you notified about the latest Apk version. It has a built-in updates system, so you can enjoy all the latest feature Vidmate has to offer.

5. Locking Media

Vidmate really cares about your media privacy. They have built a very good and useful feature to make your media files private inside the app. So if your phone is strange hands you should not worry about privacy. It allows you to lock the files within the app. These locked files will not be showing anywhere else on the phone like a gallery or other media storing apps. You are all safe!

How to download Vidmate APK

You can download original and official versions of Vidmate Apk from our website for free.

The latest versions as well as previous versions can also be downloaded.

For downloading we refer UC browser to you with 50% more speed and fewer ads.

You can download UC browser using the following link:

Download VidMate free Apk mod  from the link given below:

Read the instructions when using the Vidmate app. Do follow terms and conditions. Do not download any restricted material that would harness any problem for you.  You can download Non-copyright material for free here.

Vidmate is an eco-friendly app and very easy to use.

VidMate app Information

1. App NameVidMate App
2. Latest Version4.3524
3. Size16.2 MB
4. Latest UpdateMay 1, 2020
5. Ratings4.8/5
6. Google Play LinkNot Available on Google Play
7. Total downloads1,000,000,000+
8. DeveloperNemo Studio
9. Developer

Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  • Very good user interface
  • High download speed
  • 100% Free
  • Compatible with slow internet connections
  • Multiple downloads at one time
  • Useful features
  • Free Apps
  • Free music
  • Ads
  • Addictive to use

Some tips using Vidmate App (Vidmate App Download Install New Version 2021)

How to download videos from YouTube using Vidmate video downloader?

If you want to download videos from Facebook just follow these simple steps
  • Step1:  Go and search for Choose your video that you want to download.
  • Step2:  Now you have to copy the URL of your video.
  • Step3:  After copying the URL, launch the Vidmate app.
  • Step4:  Paste the URL of your video in the search bar.
  • Step5:  The YouTube page will open. You will see your video.
  • Step6:  A red download button will appear, simply click the button.
  • Step7:  You will see the download options. Select your quality and resolution for the video.
  • Step8: Your download will start. You can see the downloads in the download box.
How to download apps using Vidmate Apk?
  • Step1: First of all launch the Vidmate app.
  • Step2:  After launching the app, go to the Apps tab at the bottom.
  • Step3: Search for the app you are going to download.
  • Step4: Hit the download button and download will start.
How to download music from Vidmate?

Download free music from Vidmate app using the following steps:

  • Step1: Launch the Vidmate app.
  • Step2:  Write the name song name in the search bar
  • Step3: After searching, go to the Music tab.
  • Step4: Here you will find all the songs available. Select the song most suitable to your search.  For downloading the song, hit the download button.


Vidmate is a very useful app. It is a multi-featured app. All of its content is free. It is very easy to use. The Vidmate app saves your data and time. It does not store vast space on your smartphone. Watch videos, listen to music, watch live TV, play games. It offers everything. Thank technology.


1. Is it available on the Google Play store?

The developers have made their own official website where you can download the Vidmate app for free. It is not available on Google Play Store for now. Use the following link to download the app.

2. IS the Vidmate app also available on IOS?

No, it is only available on Android-based systems but developers are also working on the IOS version of the latest Apk.


It is secure and safe. It provides secure access to the content. Your privacy is 100% secured and protected.

4. How to update the Vidmate?

You do not have to worry about the updates. The Vidmate app provides built-in updates. So you will be notified by whenever the latest Apk version is out there. Make sure to update the app to the latest version provided by developers to enjoy the app to the fullest.

5. Does the app allow multiple downloads?

YES. It allows multiple downloads. You have to set a number of downloads. You can also resume and pause the downloads anytime you want.

6. Does this app work on windows?

Yes, you can use the VidMate app on Windows(XP, 7, 8, 10). Use Nox or BlueStacks emulators for window versions of the app.

Why Vidmate (Vidmate App Download Install New Version 2021)?

Vidmate app allows you to download your favorite movies, songs, music, and apps for free. It also provides tools to convert media files from video to audio. You can access 200 platforms via Vidmate. All your favorite is here!

Many platforms have download feature problems. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others allow you to stream the videos but you can not download the videos and content.  Problems like this are solved by apps such as Vidmate. It gives the download feature so you can also enjoy the stream when you are offline.