Vidmate Games | Download Game Apps 2021

Are you a game lover and search for the best games, then you are in the right place. Here you find the best Vidmate games which detach you from real life, and you enter the paradise of games. 13 million apps support Google play store.  Are you a Vidmate user? If yes, then in this article, we tell you the best and trending Vidmate games.

Best Android Games On Vidmate

If you are an Android phone user, then enjoy the below mention most trending android Vidmate games.

1. Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D

You can directly download this game from Vidmate. Moreover, by nature, it’s an action game that puts your mind into 3d sea area changes. The fantastic thing is that this game is free. What are the players or the opposite team ?. You can play the games with the navy fighter, soldiers, and military officers. Moreover, the game’s total size is 44Mb, and then several players are more than 10 million. Furthermore, for playing this game, you need to download the 4.0.2 android version. In this game, you are your city’s protector, and the opposite player is your enemy.


This game of Vidmate is also for android. The beneficial feature of this game is that its zie is just 2MB. There are 10 million active users of this game due to the small size. Moreover, for playing this game, you have a 2.3 android version. This game is updated in last year with more amazing features. This is very simple and game. In this game, the player has joined the wall and run the care o the wall. Moreover, there are no hurdles and other cars on your way, so there is no accident. The division has a different length and height according to the level of the game. Brief the wall is included in the most popular and widely played Vidmate games.

3. Temple run oz

Temple run is also a very popular Vidmate game for android users. This game’s net size is 60.41 Mb, and you can also find this game on Vidmate.

4. 10 challenges game

The game starts at 10 pounds, at least. Moreover, ion this game, you make multiple products for receiving the money. Furthermore, the rule of games is simple more you invest and more you earn, but the procedure is of the game is taking the time.

5. Catch the Candy Halloween game

It is a straightforward, simple game for playing. In this game, you need to collect all the candies from different places. Moreover, the game is run and manage with the help of a mouse.


3D game is consists of just two simple rules. It would help if you moved through the grid and trying to catch all tiny blur of colors. Moreover, by eating this blur, you can grow up.


Super fishing is a fantastic Vidmate game, and it ends in south Florida. The primary purpose of the game is to catch fishing from the freshwater areas. Moreover, after winning a level, you can buy one lure and baits and go to your new exciting mission. These are the best Vidmate games for android and ios users.