How to Download Install Vidmate App on iOS – iPhone | Vidmate app iphone

Vidmate App on the iPhone is a big question, here I will explain to you how to install Vidmate app on IOS – iPhone. You can not download directly Vidmate App from the Apple AppStore. Because the application is a pure violation of AppStore policies. But you are in the right place from where you will able to learn  how to download and install Vidmate App on IOS  – iPhone. Then you will be able to download videos, music, audios, and many more.

Also, you can download and install the Vidmate app on android.


Unfortunately, this facility is not available; no one can stop us to partner with the iso version of Vidmate, but the feature of apple doesn’t give me access to add Vidmate in the app store. Instead of that in the android app store, this download facility is available. So the installation of ios files from the app store is not possible independently. Below I mention the installation procedure for Vidmate on iPhone.


If you are searching how do I install Vidmate on my iPhone? Then here you find comfortable and straightforward steps for installation. Moreover, there is no need for any computer specialist for downloading the Vidmat app iPhone or ios. Just follow the following steps.

  • Open the new browser on your iPhone and search the website of 9appstore. Here you can easily find the up to date version of Vidmate ios.
  • The second step is the downloading of the application by clicking on the button of download. Moreover, if they show alarming notification then ignore it, they don’t damage your mobile data.
  • After the completion of the download, the notification of installing is visible on-screen. By clicking on this, the process of installing it begins.
  • After the completion of the installation, it will ask or get permission about the accessibility to your photos/videos, which is a place in the gallery. Moreover, here two option is available on-screen. On is don’t allow any others are permitted.After clicking on the button to enable you to launch the app.
  • Now the process of installation is complete or done, and now you enjoy every type of video which you want to see.

1. WHAT IS VIDMATEMATE FOR IOS (How to Download Install Vidmate App on iOS)?

From the Apple store, you don’t download every type of application. The only reason behind this is that they prefer quality more than quantity. But this trouble of I phone user is resolving with the Vidmate APKpure ios. Now I bit explain about the Vidmate for ios up to down ?. Vidmate application is showing impressive and excellent outcomes in iso users. With the help of Vidmate, iPhone users enjoy the live streaming of a verity of videos, short clips, movies, serials, and tv shows when they want. Moreover, the biggest fecality is that the Vidmate app iPhone is run very smoothly and effectively with any interruption.

2. Android and IOS

Besides, this feature, you can easily and quickly download the videos on your iPhone. Best and the biggest facility is that you can utilize the features of the Vidmate totally freebie of cost. So download the Vidmate for iPhone 7 plus and any other model of I phone to enjoy the following advantageous features like easy in use, powerful downloader and cover small space in iPhones. If you have questions is Vidmate an HD video downloader? Then I clarify this confusing. Yes, Vidmate is an HD video downloader. With the help of this, you download high-quality HD video efficiently without any trouble. Moreover, you can also download the vid mate 7.1.2 for an anterior user it’s an APK file Videmate compatible with android 7.1.2.


  • This application is a total freebie of cost.
  • You can download the excellent quality Hd video from Vidmate.
  • Downloading the best version mp3 songs from Vidmate.
  • Easy and quick accessibility to all tv shows and videos.
  • Giving facility to watching videos without the internet after downloading in your phone and many more advantageous features.

What is the best downloader for iPhone?

Firstly I tell you about the qualities of the best downloader. It must be able to download all kinds of files and documents, fast download speed, visible the downloading progress, and report. Moreover, they must have excellent security features like a passcode, the security of touch id. There is the following best downloader for my phone.

Total downloader – download manager for iPhone

it is the best downloader which can download every type of file. Moreover in Vidmate also have the facility of the sidebar which is responsible for managing playback control of current video or audio track. In addition to this, the biggest facility of t download is that they grab embedded media links from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook Vimeo, etc. Moreover, they also support the verity of google services like one drive, WebDAV service, etc.

1. Files – Download Manager for iOS

It is mots simpler and trouble-free app and sturdy enough to download and kid of link. Moreover, this file is comprising of four sections: a browser, download manager, sectional rea of downloading the data, the setting of management. By typing the complete URL, you can get access to any video which you want to see. Moreover, this facilitates the user with easy and trouble-free export and import of files. In the free version of this limited app, storage is available but you can after update of a new version with the fee of $ 49, you can get unlimited storage.

2. Documents – File Manager with Downloader

The document is the most popular and widely used application of iPhone users. Document app is suitable for downloading all types of links or files from a peculiar version of a specified website. Moreover, the document app is a free app with any restrictions.

3. Offline – Download Manager App

Offline is another excellent quality application providing the service of a separate browser, file downloader, and manager. Moreover, its ads supporting app but dow online is free of cost. A specific option in the app setting is available, which allows seeing the adds voluntarily. So if you are searching what the best downloader for iPhone is then these four downloaders are highly recommended.


Vidmate is the application that is used for downloading music, movies, short clips, and youtube videos. It s available for both ios and android users with the name of the Vidmate app iPhone and Vidmate app for android. Vidmate is the first choice of everyone due to its faster speed and easy accessibility to every kind of video. With the new and distinctive features in Vidmate 2019,2020 and 2021 enhance its rank and popularity among the people. Moreover, the updating can be done on the demand and number of users. In this article, I also mention how do I download and install Vidmate app in android, ios smartphones.